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Most people call me Flagg. I'm from a small town south of St. Louis and just graduated from the University of Missouri. Photojournalist by trade, I use this blog to visualize my life and surroundings. Aside from photo, my great loves are my family, food, the St. Louis Cardinals and Queen. I'm open to go anywhere in the world and experience everything.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

California-'I Do'

I've never taken pictures at a wedding before, and I did so at this one purely as a spectator so please excuse any discrepancies in wedding photography etiquette or technique.
Ilia- My beautiful new cousin-in-law
Cousin Evan had a little trouble after Ilia said her vow. They wrote their own - very commendable. And walked down the aisle to MJ's "I'll be there."

California-Boards and Burgers

My cousin Evan was getting married. In Laguna Beach. During the US Open Surfing Championships. Needless to say, my attendance was mandatory. I flew coast to coast for the weekend and had the best time with my family.
First of all, California meant a reunion with my one true love, In N Out. Quite possibly the best burger made by human hands, this organization is what is pure and true in fast food.
The beach crowd at the US Open Surfing Championships
Getting ready to ride the waves
Not to mention courts upon courts of sand volleyball. My parents refused to leave me there
And fishing...ew

Farewell Big Apple

The less time I had left in the city, the more fun I had. I saved the pilgrimage to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty until my very last week.
I'm not one of those people who know exactly where they come from. I have no clue what my ancestors did for a living, or what type of boat they arrived on. That being said, I was extremely moved by Ellis Island. I found myself reading every statement, display and lingering at every picture that described the life of an immigrant trying to build a new life.
I met these guys at Bryant Park. They belong to an organization called Juggle NYC. If you're in the Big Apple, I highly suggest you check them out- fantastic guys.

I also had to say my good-byes to Central Park, by far my favorite place in the city.

Fourth of July- DC

As wonderful as NYC was, I needed a break by the 4th of July. I'd never been to Washington DC, so I packed my bags for a long weekend to visit friends and sight see. Not only was DC fun, patriotic and educational, it hands down wins the "Cleanest City" award.
Children play in the fountains at the WWII memorial
Maya Lin's Vietnam Memorial
And the best part... FIREWORKS!!!!

NYC Round 3

Hello! I know I've been severely slacking, but after some hard drive issues, I've finally started to sort through my pictures from this summer. The more I got used to the concrete jungle, the more random and exciting things popped up. As an avid baseball fan, I went to a Yankees game and THEN miraculously got tickets to the Mets vs Cardinals series. I took my Cards jersey against the angry, intense Mets fans. Of course the Cards triumphed in extra innings, and I made sure every New Yorker knew I was from the Lou.
I had preconceived notions about Yankees fans being rude. Not the case. The Yanks were charm school teachers compared Mets fans. We sat next to the Cards bull pen and the taunting was a little more than harsh. Then, as we tried to defend our beloved Cardinals pitcher, Jason Motte, WE were told to sit and calm down. Prejudice much?
As amazing as the Yankees' game was... we missed A-Rod's 600th home run by two nights. Yankee stadium almost rivals Busch in its sunset beauty.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boyz II Men Concert: NYC

My dear friend Adam Liebman had the genius idea of seeing Boyz II Men in concert at the BB King in NYC. Just in case you've lived under a musical rock for the last 20 years, Boyz II Men is the origin of boy bands and pop soul music. The concert was amazing- they sang classics as well as new songs and covers of songs like "Amazed" and "I Can't Make You Love Me." In other words: they brought down the house. The concert was small but mind blowing- they still have the moves.
Serious dance moves and fresh wardrobe
Oh, and when they sang, "I'll Make Love to You," they handed out roses. So classy.

NYC Part Deux

I've gotten much more comfortable in the city after the first week. And despite the disgustingly hot subway stations, I like the ease of getting around the city. This week I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and shot my first assignment for CPL. I've had pizza almost every day since I've gotten here and found some other cool places to hang out around my neighborhood. Here are some more random sights:
The night view from Pier 1, a gorgeous outside bar on the pier off 68th St.
Oh, and two random pianos on the end of the pier.
Somewhere in Brooklyn, on assignment for CPL
MOMA, and all it's free on Friday night wonder. It was the last weekend to see the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit. Absolutely inspiring. The strangest part? A 'No Photography' sign right outside the exhibit.
Jackson Pollock was there along with Andy Warhol.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Biting the Big Apple

So it's been a while, I know. Yes, I graduated. I didn't think it was real until I actually walked into Mizzou Area and realized my college years had mere hours until death. I had an amazing last weekend with my friends and parents and started packing up my life in Columbia. I have an internship for the summer in New York City, so I moved out there June 13. I start work on the 16th, so here are some images and thoughts from my first two days walking around and exploring.
I've already made friends with the local grocer, "I give you good specials and meat and fruit, you have hair like me Elsie." I can only hope that Elsie is a daughter or wife and not his dog. There are several cute little grocery stores in my area, expensive and tiny. The isles made me a little claustrophobic and everything is completely packed to the brim. However, the second day, I found my grocery store. Cheap and massive, this was an indoor farmers market very comparable to London. It's across Central park at 78th and Broadway and called Fairway Market. I'll have a trek getting it home, but it will be worth it.
Right away, I noticed the subtle similarities between New York and London.
People are always on the streets and most have been friendly. Everyone has a dog. Fortunately, my clothes and I do not stick out near as much as they did abroad. From what I can tell, my neighborhood is mostly ethnic, with very little English spoken on the streets, but safe and quaint. I haven't found any restaurants or staple eating places, but I have much more to explore.
To put it academically, my places exceeds expectations. It's pretty much a dorm with a workout center and laundry room. If I didn't have MizzouRec to compare it to, I'd say the workout room is exceptionally nice. My room is spacious and I have enough places for the abundance of clothes I brought. I have a roommate, Erika, who is very sweet. Compared to London, it is a palace. Compared to Juniper, it is a closet. The place- which I'm going to call 1760, is going to work out great. Except for the kitchen which in reality is a sink and one, single burner. One. My Iron Chef skills will have to be put on the shelf for a few months while I'm here.

As I was wandering aimlessly through Times Square, I noticed a swarm of people in bleachers under the Coke-Cola sign. When I asked a tough looking security guy what was going on he told me it was the unveiling of the new Volkswagen Jetta. I like cars, so I stuck around for a little while. He let me go into the VIP area because, 'my camera makes me look important.' WIN!
Oh yea, and then Katy Perry performed. Welcome to NYC?
New York drivers seem to think honking your horn is as natural as a turn signal. People honk if they're going to change lanes, or if they're even thinking about changing lanes. It's loud- and strange. For my first few days, I stalked where I'm going to work, went to the garment and food district, all through Times Square and Central Park, Columbus Circle, Museum Mile, Hell's Kitchen, Upper West Side, Park Avenue and have eaten more pizza than I care to admit. I feel like I have a lot more to see- my two main goals are Ellis Island and a Yankees game for now. Wish me luck at work tomorrow- Sarah in the City... Out.
Two Bros Pizza- 2 slices and a soda for $2.75. Beat that- I dare you
Central Park on a cloudy day
And last, back by popular demand...GNOME!
Camping in Wales